Uncontrolled bleeding may lead to a decrease in blood flow to the brain and other important body organs. This is called shock.
Left untreated, shock from bleeding leads to death. The most important step in treating shock is to control bleeding.

1. Safety first! Ensure that you are in a safe environment-you will not be helpful to a victim if you allow yourself to be injured in the process.
2. Wear personal protective equipment if you have some.
3. Call for an ambulance.
4. Check whether the victim is breathing. If not, start rescue breathing.
5. Before any other treatments for shock are done, bleeding must be stopped.
6. If no neck injury is suspected, lay the victim on his/her back and elevate the legs.
If neck injury is suspected e. g. in car accidents, fall from a height - do not move the victim.
7. Keep the victim warm.
8. Continue checking on the victim. If the victim stops breathing, begin rescue breathing.
9. If the victim vomits, roll the victim to one side and sweep the vomit from his/her mouth with your fingers.

Attribution: Avallain

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