1. Stay safe
2. Call for help first. DO NOT begin rescuing the victim without informing others first
3. If the environment is safe to approach, take several deep breaths of fresh air before you go in, then hold your breath as you go in.
4. Hold a wet piece of cloth over your nose and mouth if available while inside, rescue the victim from the scene. Open doors and windows to remove the gas
4.Never start any form of fire (lighters, match) as some gases are flammable
5. Once you have rescued the person from the scene, ascertain whether the victim is alert, breathing and has a pulse; if not commence CPR
6. If the person has an eye emergency or is convulsing, commence first aid for convulsions or for eye poisoning/injuries
7. In case the victim vomits, make sure there is no vomitus in the victims airway. Wrap a cloth around your fingers and perform sweeps of the mouth and throat to clear any food or fluid present.
8. Seek medical help even if the person looks fine.

Attribution: Avallain

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