The aim of providing first aid to a person having active convulsions is to provide a safe environment till the convulsions stop.
If you witness a person having a seizure:
1. Remain calm and ensure that everyone else around keeps calm- offer reassurance
2. Do not attempt to stop the victim's movements by holding him/her down
3. Remove anything around the victim that may cause harm e. g. sharp or hard objects
4. Loosen clothing and anything around the neck that may make breathing difficult
5. If available, place something soft such as a folded cloth under the victim's head
6.Place the victim in such a position that he/she is lying on one side
7. Do not give rescue breaths unless in the event that the victim does not resume breathing after the seizure
8. Stay with the victim until the convulsion ends naturally
9. As conciousness returns, be friendly to the victim
10. If the victim appears confused, offer to call a relative or friend to help.

Attribution: Avallain

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