1. Ensure your safety first!
2. If the bite wounds are puncture wounds i. e. the dogs teeth penetrated deeply - allow the wound to bleed for a few minutes (only if the bleeding is not excessive).
3. If the bite wounds are lacerations, put gentle pressure to stop bleeding from the bite wound.
4. Using soap and clean water, clean the wound and sorrounding areas for a minimum of 5 minutes - this helps clear as many bugs as possible and minimize infection.
5. For atleast 5 minutes, flush the bite wound with clean water and allow water to run down the wound.
6. If a paper towel is available, pad the bite site.
7. Allow the wound to air dry.
8. If a sterile bandage is available, cover the bite wound.
9. See a medical professional for further care, especially to receive anti - rabies vaccine and possible tetanus vaccine.

Attribution: Avallain

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