1. Make sure that your hands are clean before helping the victim
2. Examine the eye in a well lit area
3. Attempt to gently pull the lower eyelid downwards and ask the victim to look upwards
4. Gently hold the upper eyelid as you ask the victim to look downwards
5. If the object is free and floating, flush it out gently
5. If the object is free but not floating, touch it gently with a clean wet cotton bud - object will attach on the cotton bud
6. If the object is removed, flush the affected eye with clean water
7. If you are unable to remove the object i. e. it is embedded, cover the eye with paper caps - do not try to rub the eye, don't try removing a large embedded object. Seek medical help immediately
8. See a doctor immediately if the object cannot be removed or is embedded, if the person can not see normally, if a feeling of discomfort persists and if pain persists after removing the foreign body.

Attribution: Avallain

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