"1.Safety first! Ensure that the environment is safe for you to approach.
2. Determine if victim is awake by shouting at him/her or tapping the shoulders lightly.
3. If no response, make sure someone is calling for help, if alone make the call yourself before proceeding.
4. If victim is awake, keep talking to them.
5. If choking, do the Heimlich maneuver. (Stand behind the person supporting them. Feel for the belly button and go up the midline until the lowest part of the bony ribcage is felt. Estimate the halfway mark, make a fist and place it with the thumb and index finger knuckle on the body. Support the fist with your other hand. Push firmly in an inward and upward movement for a total of 5 thrusts).
6. If victim confused, call for help and start thinking why they are confused.".

Attribution: Avallain

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