1. Stay Safe! choking victims may panic and strike out.
2. Establish that the victim is actually choking(victim unable to speak, cough, or breathe)
3. With the victim standing in front of you, facing away, place your hands around the victim as if to give a hug.
4. Make a fist with your right hand and place it just above the victim's belly button
5. Grab your fist with your left and thrust inwards and upwards forcefully.
6. Repeat thrusts until the victim is able to breath again - or until the victim becomes unconscious.
7. If the victim becomes unconscious, begin adult CPR if the victim is over 8 years old and child CPR if the victim is between 1 and 8 years old.

Note: Do not slap the victim on the back. Dislodging the airway obstruction while the victim is upright will result in a deeper obstruction (gravity will pull it down).

Attribution: Avallain

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