1. Safety first! Take safety precautions while handling the victim or material at the scene
2. Check whether victim is alert, breathing and has a pulse. If not breathing or no pulse, call for help and begin CPR
3. Try to ascertain that the victim has been poisoned - by looking for clues such as the smell of the breath, signs of burns around the mouth, breathing difficulties, vomit or unusual smell on the victim. If possible, identify the poison
4. Do not make the victim vomit unless instructed by a healthcare professional
5. In the event that the victim vomits, clear any material around the nose. Use a piece of cloth wrapped round your fingers to sweep out vomit material from the mouth and throat
6. If victim is unconscious, roll him/her to lie in the left lateral position and remain like that till help arrives
7. If the victim starts having fits, administer first aid for fits
8. If the victim's clothes are contaminated with the poison, remove the clothing and flush the site with copious amounts of water.

Attribution: Avallain

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