Eunia post , last update at 27.11.2012 12:53

We need to fight this by all means possible...not fight the victims but help them!

Mlewa post , last update at 27.11.2012 13:04

Key stakeholders need to play their role..Alcoholic drinks control act does not exist in my area, how can we succeed?

Anastasia post , last update at 26.06.2013 09:13

Kenya should declare drug abuse a national disaster. Create a more serious/ independent unit in the police force to deal with the drug loaders and a parastatal to help the addicts. Young people are so much into the drugs, we are not sure if they will make it to 2030.

WBrenda post , last update at 26.06.2013 09:27

Its very unfortunate, it goes without saying that this is a National disaster. The drug loaders are protected...they are untouchable. Am praying for the young in this country.

Anastasia post , last update at 15.07.2013 12:50

A doctor is needed to help here...just wondering, did the UK government consider the health of those people addicted to MIRAA before implementing the ban? Are there any effects of Miraa when the supply is suddenly cut off? http://www.nation.co.ke/News/-/1056/1915336/-/vnlhogz/-/index.html

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