Cervical cancer

Elizabeth post , last update at 29.10.2012 14:24

Is there a self examination to detect cervical cancer?

WBrenda post , last update at 29.10.2012 14:33

EEHH! BTW is that possible- I havent heard much said about this. Its high time we know self examination on this.

Pauline post , last update at 29.10.2012 15:54

I think it would be great news to find these answers...at least we'll have more women doing it than dreading the news from the hospital.

waithaka79 post , last update at 07.11.2012 12:06

I don't think so, however, for any signs of irregular vaginal bleeding - always recommend a medical examination BUT a pap smear is recommended for every woman while a HPV test will looks for presence of the Human Papilloma Virus which can cause cells to change.

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